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Body Toning

Appearing toned is not only a common fitness goal with women, but also men. Weights and body toning exercises will give you the appearance of looking more muscular and lean.

Weight Loss

weight loss
To achieve weight loss you need to start making healthy food choices, and participate in physical activity. Being mindful of your eating habbits, when you eat and how much you eat will help you reach your weight loss goals.


When trying to lose weight and become more toned, diet is essential. Eating plenty of protein for muscle growth and laying off sugary carbs will help you lose body fat. As the saying goes you can never out train a bad diet.



Who is Jamie Flynn?

With over 16 years professional experience since leaving the Royal Marines, Jamie Flynn provides clients within the London area, a vast knowledge of personal fitness training and expert advice.

Having secured various certificates and qualifications from professional bodies, including the highly acclaimed ‘Premier Global Training’, Jamie Flynn Fitness a Personal Trainer in London is the ideal route to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Covering many different areas of London and the South East, Jamie can visit you in the comfort of your own home for Personal Training in London or visit you at work anytime during the day.

London Personal Trainer Jamie also is available for a consultation via telephone or mail, to discuss the options available to you!

Get healthy, get fit… contact Jamie today!

Jamie is one of the most highly experienced weight loss Personal Trainers in London

* We have been training with Jamie Flynn for the past 8 weeks and his encouragement and enthusiasm have transformed our whole attitude to getting and more importantly keeping fit!

Since starting our training with Jamie we have lost a combined weight of 24lbs, considerably lowered our BMI and body fat percentages. As a result we both feel fitter, more energetic and empowered to carry on to our weight and fitness goals. Jamie has cleverly managed to tailor our training so that no session is ever the same, thereby keeping our attention and we have actually had fun in the process which is a brilliant achievement!

Mr & Mrs Hampson, Cranleigh, Surrey
Mr & Mrs Hampson, Surrey
* As a busy executive and mother of three it is always a challenge to make time for keeping fit. It is all too easy to cancel that trip to the gym or the run after work!

The luxury of having a personal trainer is justified in my view by the immense benefits of training totally suited to my personal needs and equally important my schedule. My running partner, Rose and I have trained with Jamie Flynn for over a year and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending him. He is a both a very professional and knowledgeable trainer, moreover he takes the work out of the workout and I am always amazed in what is achieved in an hour.

Kay Mcgregor, Founder and Managing Director, Elgin Scott Partners Ltd
Kay Mcgregor

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person